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:star: CALL FOR ENTRIES :star:

Told you I was serious, now it's time to make it happen:…

This is a publication opportunity only open to current members of ScreamPrompts.  

Keep in mind that there will not be any payment for any story whatsoever and that any/all proceeds from the sale of this self-published anthology will be going to a charity to be named later.  If that is a problem for you, do not participate.  If you do participate and your story is chosen, there will be forms to fill out to cover our asses.  Just in case of the unforeseen.

Keep in mind this is business, not personal.  Trying to cover my bases here and I still feel like I'm missing some stuff (bear with me, I'm new to this) -- for the record, stories that were given Daily Deviations are not automatically going in the anthology, but they do have priority, not gonna lie.  In addition, there are stories for prompts where there are multiple DDs to choose from, but I can only choose one.  One prompt, one best representation.

If you write a story for this call for entries and I don't pick it, so be it.  Someone else will want it.  Remember, this isn't about me or you or any of us as individuals, this is about the stories.  

If you're not okay with this, do not participate.

These are the prompts that are light on entries.  Not that the entries for the prompts that I have aren't up to snuff for the anthology, but there are simply not enough to choose from.  As unfair as that might seem to some ("just shut up and pick one/mine!"), it opens a door for others, and to me, that is what's fair.  If you're reading this and have already written a story for the prompts below and are all WTF, well... this is my shitty way of telling you that I thought it needed work.  If it didn't, then this wouldn't necessarily be happening.  We can still work on it together.

I had to go through every story in the Scream gallery and submission gallery to make sure some deviants were even still active.  One deviant was deceased (RIP smitusjonix), some deactivated, some just vaporized into the ether.  I am only getting in touch with folks who have been active in the last six months.  I am not waiting around for anyone.  There are deadlines and they will be met.  If not, more cuts will be made.

This is not just a journal feature at dA.  There will be at least 20-25 people here being published.  If it is as successful as I would like it to be, based on the caliber of writing I receive from you all, it could be a great thing for more than just those involved.  A writing credit to use as you please.  Maybe more.  The sky's the limit.  I like to keep a positive thought.

I have, at the moment, narrowed the amount of prompts/stories that are going in the anthology from 50 to 30.  That is more realistic.  The 20 prompts and stories that were cut -- these things happen.  I'm not taking it personally and neither should you.  I'm shooting for at least 20-25 stories to go live.

Rule #1:  You must be a member on the current roster, even if you've never once written a story for any of the prompts I've posted.  No former members.  I will be checking.  No new members, the group is closed.

Rule #2:  You must still follow the prompt as written.  No modifications without asking first.  Odds are I will be lenient as long as the basics of the prompt are not changed out of control.

Rule #3:  Send final product.  Have pride in your work.  Keep that momentum.

Rule #4:  You can write for one, two or all of them.  This is a call for entries.  But only send your top shelf stuff.  I am shooting for one year to completion for this.  I don't have time for procrastinators, not now.  Don't waffle.  Decide.  Listen to your gut.  Take it seriously.  I am.

:bulletred: Here are the following prompts that need entries :bulletred:

5 Right and Wrong

9 Values

15 "I had been watching them argue through the window..."

17 the Worst

20 Halloween Love Story

27 No Adverbs

28 Write What You Know

35 Ten Elements

37 Dialogue Prompt

40 Bucket List

44 "Better Than You" Prompt

49 Introspective Prompt

If you're gonna do it, do it.  Let me know as soon as possible either here in the comments or in a note, whichever you're most comfortable with (sometimes saying out loud what you're gonna do can backfire, but sometimes it can be a great motivator).  Also, if you can, let me know which one/ones you want to write.  It'll help me start to get better organized for final selections down the road.

I would like to start collecting FINISHED AWESOME PRODUCT starting September 1, 2015.  I will stop collecting on December 31, 2015.  After that, you're shit out of luck. Six months is plenty of time.  

Any questions, comments, gripes, etc, can be posted below.  I'll be here.
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These are my own stories from the prompts I've provided. I'd be a sorry-ass administrator if I didn't write the prompts with you guys, wouldn't I? Hell yes, I would.

Who's mouth is that?

It is Chris Cornell's mouth from a bootleg cd of a Soundgarden concert from 1993 (or 1989 or 1991, there's no telling with those things). The picture was stolen long before the internet existed so I think we can allow it to be grandfathered in as the group icon without too much static.

Scream is the name of his most recent solo album, one co-produced with Timbaland. Old school Soundgarden fans still living in 1992 wrapped in their old flannel HATED this album because it wasn't like his old stuff. He took a chance and went in a new direction. That is what inspired the name of this group -- trying something totally new or something that might go against what you've been doing for years CAN be a good thing with good results. Seeing as the album is absolutely fantastic, I felt it was only right to see if that concept would apply here as well.


You're not here because you're not logged in


:wave: Hello. Welcome to ScreamPrompts. Go to the About Us page and read the "About Us" information. Then read the Manifesto. Both are very important regarding whether or not you belong here. Not everyone does. That is fine. It is not personal. Not everyone is ready to be awesome. But when you are, I'll be here waiting.

:star: If you're not already watching my personal page, add me to your watch as soon as possible. Oftentimes I have information for ScreamPrompts in my journal over there that you should be aware of, stuff that might help you succeed, stuff that might make you proud, stuff that could really help. And on occasion, I might spotlight one of you all. So please, add me to your watch list. I will return the favor if I'm not already watching you.

Office Hours (Pacific Standard Time):

:bulletred: You can generally reach me after midnight, Pacific Standard Time; that's when I'm more likely to be here. Of course, I respond to all notes within 24 hours.

:bulletblue: To stay up to date with prompts and other information, please read the blog entries. There are important things to know and other things to consider hidden in them sometimes... there's no telling what I might wharrgarbl about.

:bulletgreen: If this is your first time here, read the Manifesto (…). It is very important that you do. This group is not for everyone, just those who want to help the Lit Community improve by actively improving their writing.

:bulletpink: To learn about how I run this show , read the "About Us" page. It is as important as the Manifesto, even if it's not as entertaining.

:bulletpurple: Feel like you've missed a prompt? No worries; click on the Journal link and you'll find the List. The prompts don't expire so if you want to try one out, go for it. Remember, you must be a member if you want your work to have a shot of making it to the gallery.

:bulletblack: For current and future members, I am compiling stories from the prompts for publication for charity. Read more here:…

:star: If you are a poet, good for you. I don't accept poetry of any sort here whatsoever, not even "prose poetry", and don't think I don't check. However, there is a group out there for you that was inspired by this group, HammeredPoetry. Check them out. Tell CrumpetsHarvey I sent you.



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